Emil Tostrup

Patent Consultant


Patent Consultant


Computer systems and networks


MSc in Computer Engineering, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden



Your invention is always in full focus

I am passionate about new technology and future innovations. In order to stay ahead of competitors, I spend a substantial amount of time exploring new research and technology development. With my background as a recently graduated Master of Science in Computer Engineering, I try to see everyday needs that do not yet exist. This can be of great benefit for your invention. I consistently try to find new perspectives and opportunities for improvements in clients’ innovations. Your invention is, therefore, always in full focus, and my goal is always to provide an as wide and secure protection as possible.

In today’s society, new exciting technology areas and applications are emerging everywhere. As an example, almost your entire home, from your computer to your oven, may be connected to the Internet of Things. The digitalization invokes great demands on security, both in terms of unauthorized data access but also patent issues which I find very appealing. Being able to work on patent drafting for technology I am passionate about makes my work extremely satisfying. Technology areas of particular interest to me are:

  • Implementation and development of computer systems from the smallest of programming details, backend as frontend, to overall architectural design choices.
  • Data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing.
  • Computer security regarding, amongst other things, information security and cryptography.

The trend indicates that innovations around the world are increasing, and invention protection is as important as ever. I am not only interested in the finished product, but also the small details, both technical and linguistic, serving as a base for a patent. By being responsive, open-minded and critical, I try to analyze and disassemble your invention so that no details are overlooked. I want conversations with customers to be just as important to them as it is to myself, where all parties may agree upon what is required for success. I believe this is fundamental for creating valuable long-term relationships.