Filip Skarp



Patent consultant




MSc in Electrical Engineering, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden




Verisure Innovation
Sony Ericsson


Inventor or co-inventor of US8615233, US8830910, EP2432121, US8294632, US7746290, US7808444, EP2011232, US20080172203, US20110119018, US20110063168, US20080134102, EP3522130.


If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well

This has been my mindset throughout my career and it shines through in customer satisfaction and my ability to deliver on promises. I have actively worked with research and development for more than 13 years and I am also the inventor of several patents. This has taught me the importance of the technical skill of the patent attorney drafting the application.

My extensive experience from the industry helps me understand inventions within different technical areas, resulting in a more efficient process. The end result is better technical coverage of a patent and less of the inventor’s valuable time is spent explaining the invention and correcting drafts. The innovation process is the most fascinating part of being a patent consultant. My main driver is being part of that process and supporting inventors and companies in reaching their full potential.

I try to be honest in everything I do, both to myself and to my clients. If a promise is given I, will make sure I meet that promise. I make no differentiation between clients, I give the same service to the inventor at a startup as I give to the multi-billion industry leader, and that is fully devotion focused and committed service.

I enjoy learning about and understanding the business and the need of the client. It is my strong conviction that is the foundation of a lasting and fruitful cooperation. By being humble when faced with challenges and listening to the advice of both clients and colleagues, an open atmosphere is created. I am convinced that this open communication will act as the essential mortar in the strong partnership we are forming with the client.

My previous assignments

My most recent experience is from patents and applications relating to, among other things, software algorithms, telecommunication, signal processing and power electronics.