Three new European patent attorneys with a passion for communication

23 September, 2021

We are proud to congratulate the three members of the Ström & Gulliksson team who recently passed the tough European Qualifying Examination to become authorised European patent attorneys. Erik Broströmer, Ida Moen Larsson, and Victor Olsson Fekadu have all spoken about the importance of clear communication in their work.

Victor Olsson Fekadu enjoys being presented with the rough outlines of a concept from which he extrapolates the essential details, figuring out the key areas which need protection. In his experience, that is the phase when his interaction with the inventors is at its closest.

– Being sensitive to the clients’ situation and the challenges they face is completely central, trying to understand as much as possible. What I try to achieve is a strong relationship, which can give me a fuller understanding of the client’s business and prospects.

According to Erik Broströmer, when inventors and entrepreneurs focus their efforts it takes clear communication to ensure their patent portfolio works to their advantage and does not become a financial liability.

– It’s all dependent on having a good dialogue with the inventors so you truly succeed in capturing the invention’s key aspects and possible applications. It’s also important to communicate possible strategies, crucial deadlines, and future costs, so that the business side of things has a chance to develop before the costs of the patent portfolio escalate. It’s the kind of process which gives you as a patent consultant the chance to work very proactively, which is tremendously rewarding!

Ida Moen Larsson likes a challenge and honing the arguments for a patent application, for example, or for a response to an objection.

– Often you can see the patent examiner’s thinking, at the same time as you feel certain of the arguments in support of our case. That’s when formulating it in a way the patent examiner understands matters.

She finds language is just as important when it comes to making yourself understood by your own clients, if not more so.

– We offer a service which clients cannot do for themselves. It’s important to be able to rephrase it so clients understand the various meanings, putting where we are in the process into words and giving strategic advice on the best way forward.

All three are looking forward to tackling new challenges once their professional authorisation is complete, such as taking the lead representing clients at the European Patent Office in writing and in oral proceedings.

Read the full interviews in Swedish here:

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