Handling intellectual property rights in Europe is our business and our passion.

Ström & Gullikson is a patent firm which provides clients with a comprehensive range of services for European patents. We will guide and support you through the application process as well as through potential legal hurdles and disputes. Ström & Gulliksson’s authorised European Patent Attorneys have wide-ranging experience of European patent law and are experts in the field. We are conveniently located near European authorities, institutions and courts.

As our overseas client, you’ll feel close to Europe.

As our client, you will soon notice how much time and effort our patent attorneys invest in understanding your invention. They perform exceedingly thorough research and ask penetrating questions with the objective of giving you the best possible council. Broadly speaking, Ström & Gulliksson’s services for overseas clients can be divided into three areas:

  • Acting as attorneys for the client’s own applications
  • Acting as attorneys in disputes (EPO and national courts)
  • Assisting in product development and design-around

Creating and prosecuting strong IP-rights in Europe

Significant efforts have been made to harmonise European patent legislation, but patent rights are still subject to the patent legislation adopted by each individual country. There is still no common, cross-border process for cases involving infringement or invalidity. Without expert advice, it is easy to end up in drawn-out and complex proceedings, which may result in lost patent rights.

By the time we enter the picture, the patent application has often already been drafted for other markets, e.g. the USA or Asia. Consequently, the patent application has to be adapted to European circumstances. But Ström & Gulliksson does not settle for that. It is not enough for us just to establish rights – we want our clients to enjoy rights of the highest quality, even if that involves more effort from us.

Contentious issues

To provide our clients with strong support, not only in patent-related issues but also in legal matters and during court proceedings, we collaborate with the law firm, Advokatbyrån Gulliksson. Together, we represent your interests and handle opposition proceedings or appeals in national courts or at the EPO. Our track record of bringing proceedings to a successful conclusion and our experience in legal matters give us a huge advantage when we draw up and process new patent applications.

”Invent around” European patents

How do you market a product in Europe without infringing third-party rights? Ström & Gulliksson’s patent attorneys take an inventory of existing patents and patent applications, and identify what is currently protected and what will be protected in the future. Every right is analysed carefully and we assess the scope of protection. When product development or modification is required, our attorneys can assist you in creating your own patent rights.

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