Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

19 December, 2022

Ström & Gulliksson’s Christmas gift goes to the The Swedish Brain Foundation (Hjärnfonden) to support scholarships and grants to researchers and research groups to enable or enhance important research about the brain and its diseases, injuries and disabilities.  The Swedish Brain Foundation (Hjärnfonden) raises money for research and information about the brain and its diseases, injuries and disabilities. They also… Read more »

Tormek – Innovation and patent strategy behind a unique positioning

8 December, 2022

– Working to innovate, constantly improving our products: it’s in the company’s genes, says Tormek’s Håkan Persson.As CEO for a strong global brand in a niche industry, he takes a hands-on approach to innovation, and he talks with pride of a company that has some twenty secured patents and offers a complete system for achieving… Read more »

Delay of the start of the sunrise period

5 December, 2022

The start of the sunrise period, i.e. the three month provisional application period preceding the actual start of the Unitary patent system, including the Unitary patent and the Unified Patent Court (UPC), has been postponed by two months, and is now scheduled for the 1 March 2023. According to a communication from the Administrative Committee of the UPC, the main… Read more »

Excellent prospects for Brillianze – Going for patents from the start

21 November, 2022

— Patents always have and always will be very important to us. Patent protection is something investors demand and appreciate. The protection provides security at early stages, and without that positive advance notice we would not have gone ahead. So far, we have launched our RolloGuard equipped walker, which reduces the risk of falling for… Read more »

Cline Scientific – Patent paves the way for continued success

14 November, 2022

An invention with a wide range of applications where the technical platform will be immensely important for diagnosing diseases such as cancer. Right from the start the Gothenburg-based company Cline Scientific has invested in a strong patent strategy. Their nanotechnology, which, in simple terms, is used as a platform with which to control and influence… Read more »

Judges for the Unified Patent Court have been appointed

21 October, 2022

One aim of the new Unified Patent Court is to deliver expeditious and high quality decisions. In order to achieve this goal one important step has been to recruit and train patent judges, which will be both legally qualified and technically qualified judges. On October 19th the Unified Patent Court confirmed the appointment of a total… Read more »

Årets Sverigefinal i Venture Cup avgjord – Ström & Gulliksson representerad i Sverigejuryn

17 October, 2022

Korta bolagspitchar och ett starkt startfält gjorde juryuppdraget både intensivt och lärorikt, säger Christian Arkelius, partner och chef för Stockholmskontoret, om det ärofyllda juryuppdraget i Venture Cups Sverigefinal. – Mitt bidrag under frågestunderna med de pitchade bolagen kretsade naturligtvis mycket kring bolagens skyddsposition, ägandet av IP och möjlig konkurrens.  I förra veckan gick Sveriges största tävling… Read more »


Preliminary date set for the start of the UPC

11 October, 2022

Following the latest updates from the Preparatory team of the Unified Patent Court the entry into force of the UPC Agreement is now foreseen to 1 April 2023. This announcement is followed by an implementation roadmap, where the start of the three month sunrise period will be the 1 January 2023.   We will follow the… Read more »