Thylabisco client case study: Scrutiny and clarity make for excellent patents

2 October, 2017

Research and passion for discovery. Formalities, a critical approach and patent applications. Although allowing someone to scrutinize, inspect and evaluate your research results at an early stage may give you pause, this is a must for ensuring a successful patent process. “We have benefited substantially from the strategic advice and critical review of our results… Read more »

New Patent Consultants at Ström & Gulliksson

27 September, 2017

Thinking outside the box. Associating with innovation-driven companies. Using both engineering and language skills. And above all, working side by side with experienced European Patent Attorneys. Challenging opportunities, variation and a clear path to becoming a top patent consultant attracted newly hired engineers Christian Gribel, Ida Moen Larsson and Georg Wolgast to Ström & Gulliksson.… Read more »

Our unique partnership adds value and gives clients an edge in disputes

15 September, 2017

A strong team and two synchronized firms give clients numerous advantages in patent disputes. The partnership between Advokatbyrån Gulliksson and patent firm Ström & Gulliksson is a win-win for companies that choose to hire both. Lawyer Magnus Dahlman and European Patent Attorney Rikard Roos, who often team up in technically complex disputes, lay out the advantages… Read more »

Rikard Roos participated with CERN in onstage-discussion at IPAC´17

24 August, 2017

During a week in May this year, IPAC’17 gathered world-leading companies and scientists in particle physics. Rikard Roos, Managing Partner at Ström & Gulliksson, was invited to discuss on the theme “Open Source vs Closed Source IP and How the Two Relate to the Business of Particle Accelerators” together with representatives from CERN. The open… Read more »

Client case study: Hövding An exciting and highly innovative client

22 August, 2017

A unique product that offers superior protection against head injuries. For Malmö-based Hövding, working with Ström & Gulliksson has led to numerous patents for its acclaimed airbag bicycle helmet.   It took seven years to take Hövding from concept to the final, certified product – a bicycle helmet worn around your neck like a collar… Read more »

Strategic advisory services for solid and profitable patents

21 August, 2017

Risks and challenges, solutions and opportunities. A carefully designed patent strategy enables companies to successfully meet numerous challenges, such as claiming exclusive rights, staving off competitors, capturing ideas and bringing them to fruition, avoiding lawsuits or expensive licensing fees, and analyzing existing markets and competitors. “Sweden is an innovative country and we are good at… Read more »

“Our partnership with Advokatbyrån Gulliksson guarantees a strong team of lawyers and patent consultants”

8 August, 2017

License agreements, patent portfolio evaluation and patent processes. Whatever size your company is, there are several occasions when legal advice is critical to secure business success. The long-standing partnership between Ström & Gulliksson and Advokatbyrån Gulliksson ensures fast and qualified advice.  Our clients are afforded a unique opportunity by our close collaboration with Advokatbyrån Gulliksson… Read more »

MIP IP STARS recognizes Ström & Gulliksson Patent Attorneys and Practices

7 August, 2017

During the past year Ström & Gulliksson has received several accolades for our achievements, for example: Tier 2 Ranking in MIP IP STARS 2017 published by Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) Recommended firm in IAM Patent 1000 published by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM). Recognition in IAM Strategy 300 also published by IAM, which is an annual… Read more »

IAM Patent 1000 – Top Ranking and Notable Mention for Ström & Gulliksson

13 June, 2017

This year’s IAM Patent 1000, i.e. the ranking of leading patent law firms in Sweden, has now been released by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM), and we at Ström & Gulliksson are pleased to be top ranked and that several of our patent attorneys are mentioned. Among other things, IAM states: “Ström & Gulliksson’s aim to… Read more »