Introducing European patent attorney Karin Engdahl!

10 September, 2021

Karin Engdahl is not a new face at Ström & Gulliksson, although the team has grown since she worked with us in 2017.
— There’s good opportunity for personal development and continuous learning on the job here, and that is important for me since it drives my motivation. There’s also a positive efficiency culture – for example, focus on having the right meetings of the right length and frequency. I also appreciate the Ström & Gulliksson ethos of making it possible to achieve genuine work–life balance that suits the individual.

European patent attorney Karin Engdahl – who specialises in technologies such as telecom, algorithms, signal processing, software, and electronics – joined Ström & Gulliksson in the summer.

Asked about standout trends in her career so far, she says she has definitely experienced that it has been increasingly dawning on companies just how important patents may be for business, also at companies which traditionally have not put so much focus thereon.

— Big and small, companies have become increasingly aware of the advantages of patents, and it’s spreading to industries where patents never used to be thought of as particularly important. In recent years I’ve also noticed a growing interest in obtaining patents on algorithms and software solutions in sectors that earlier did not use to consider that sort of protection, and that’s very exciting. That said, some people are still under the false impression that it’s impossible to get such patents because of legislation exempting computer programs from patentability. I see it as a collective task for us patent attorneys to increase awareness that the exemption only applies to the computer program itself, not to the method it implements, says Karin Engdahl. 

Even when a company has grasped the value of patent protection, there may be varying understanding of the patent process itself. For Karin Engdahl the obvious starting point for each client relationship is to understand what type of advice the client needs.

— It’s about listening carefully to what they say they need, but it’s also about factoring in their past experience with patents. I have clients who need and welcome advice every step of the way, and others who are very experienced and therefore need less strategic advice. Given my role, it’s crucial that I’m sensitive to the needs of each client and adapt my approach and advice accordingly.

Healthy long-term relationships are based on respect, interest, and personal chemistry

— It’s both a challenge and a pleasure to build a long-term relationship. It should always be based on mutual respect – and on me gaining the client’s trust so that they can be confident that my advice is open and honest, says Karin Engdahl, who enjoys learning about people’s background as well as their technology.

Matching client and consultant in a successful collaboration requires both professional competence and personal chemistry.

— Being part of the Ström & Gulliksson team means that I have different sorts of colleagues to consult, and refer clients to if necessary. It’s nice to have colleagues with such varied personalities and skill sets, and from a range of different backgrounds. It really is possible to find the right consultant here for every client! 

— We are extremely pleased that Karin decided to come back to the team. We’re delighted that we’re seen as a good employer, worth rejoining. Karin brings a wealth of fresh experience with her, and with her proven competence and professionalism she is a welcome addition to our team, says Erik Bolmsjö, partner and team leader at Ström & Gulliksson’s Lund office.