Rikard Roos participated with CERN in onstage-discussion at IPAC´17

24 August, 2017

During a week in May this year, IPAC’17 gathered world-leading companies and scientists in particle physics. Rikard Roos, Managing Partner at Ström & Gulliksson, was invited to discuss on the theme “Open Source vs Closed Source IP and How the Two Relate to the Business of Particle Accelerators” together with representatives from CERN.

The open source trend is strong, and the increasing access to open source assets within basically all industries raises many questions about immaterial rights, risks, terms, and responsibilities.

Rikard Roos was invited to IPAC‘17 for his experience and knowledge in the complex issues that arise between open source, patent protection, and commercial interests.

– We turned to Rikard Roos, a renowned European Patent Attorney known for his excellent communication skills, and were especially grateful for him providing us with not only a legal opinion but a balanced perspective as well on the subject of open vs. closed source IP, says Robert Yarbray at ESS.

Rikard Roos greatly appreciated the discussion together with Dr Giovanni Anelli, Head of Knowledge Transfer Group at CERN:

– I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to, together with Giovanni who is representing the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, discuss and highlight different aspects of open source in front of hundreds of the world’s leading nuclear physicists.

– Together we could, from different perspectives, shed light on what the real commercial value of IP is, and the pros and cons of open source. As an European Patent Attorney I navigate in the intersection of legal frameworks and scientific facts and theories on a daily basis.