Our unique partnership adds value and gives clients an edge in disputes

15 September, 2017

A strong team and two synchronized firms give clients numerous advantages in patent disputes. The partnership between Advokatbyrån Gulliksson and patent firm Ström & Gulliksson is a win-win for companies that choose to hire both.

Lawyer Magnus Dahlman and European Patent Attorney Rikard Roos, who often team up in technically complex disputes, lay out the advantages of their partnership: “Our ability to jointly represent clients in national and international proceedings is not only convenient for them, but also lends them a unique strength by virtue of the working method we have developed featuring a natural transfer of knowledge.”
Together, they have been successful in disputes almost every time, and Rikard Roos sees the value in being able to suggest a lawyer well suited for the business direction of new clients early on, before any disputes arise.

“Ström & Gulliksson’s experience in opposition proceedings at Swedish and European patent offices is valuable, especially in patent nullity proceedings at Swedish courts,” says Rikard Roos.

At Swedish courts, where patent attorney assist in the conduct of proceedings and in examination of experts, verbal skills and the art of explaining difficult and complex concepts in a way that makes them understandable play a key role.

“I need a patent attorney by my side that can step in during technical discussions to allow me to build a case for or against a party. I have seen patent consultants that fail to truly understand how Swedish proceedings are conducted or the importance of collaborating with lawyers. I don’t have to worry about that when I work with Ström & Gulliksson,” says Magnus Dahlman.

“We are well acquainted with each other’s firms, so I know who to contact for what. This gives a boost both to our work flow and ultimately to the outcome of our disputes,” says Rikard Roos.

Efficient communication and knowledge transfer

The firms owe their large shared client base to their history. The Gulliksson law firm was spun off from the Ström & Gulliksson law firm – which was the only combined law and patent firm in Sweden. Its winning business concept of integrating business law and intellectual property law right from the start in 1975 enabled it to offer clients complete and well-rounded services.

“It was not until 2001 that the business law operations were spun off as a separate company, leaving Ström & Gulliksson strictly as a patent firm,” Rikard Roos, current managing partner, explains.

For Magnus Dahlman, who joined the Gulliksson Life Science Team earlier this year, the interfirm collaboration played a key role:

“With Ström & Gulliksson, I know I’ll get access to a patent attorney with just the right technical background and solid experience assisting in arbitration. Patent proceedings pose a special challenge, and close collaboration with a patent attorney is crucial for success.”

Our unique partnership provides a substantial advantage in this respect: the ability to coordinate with one another regularly, quickly and informally early on in the process.

“As a lawyer, I never have to learn from a patent consultant brought in after spending valuable time preparing a petition that we had been working in the wrong direction – this streamlines our work, resulting in shorter lead times and added value for clients at a lower price. Our communication is efficient,” says Magnus Dahlman. Rikard Roos couldn’t agree more:

“To not work this way is like running through the woods without a map. We share lessons learned on an ongoing basis and our work on drafting case documents is fully integrated. The main hearings can be pressed for time and you have to be able to regroup and produce relevant technical information. The parallel exchange of knowledge benefits our clients.”

The partnership between Ström & Gulliksson and Gulliksson complies with the rules of the Swedish Bar Association.