IAM Patent 1000: Ström & Gulliksson – individual mentions, highly recommended in Sweden and before the European Patent Office

17 June, 2020

This year’s edition of the IAM Patent 1000 has now been released by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM). Ström & Gulliksson retains its position as one of the leading patent law firms in Sweden and is one of a small number of recommended firms at the European Patent Office. 

We are proud to be recognized as a “highly recommended” patent firm in Sweden due to our vast experience and high quality service. In addition, to find several of our patent attorneys individually mentioned is particularly satisfying. Especially pleasing this year is that Ström & Gulliksson is included among the patent law firms recommended for our work before the European Patent Office (EPO). This is a key category where only 29 firms have been selected across the whole of Europe, of which merely six are from outside Germany and the UK. Part of our core business is handling intellectual property rights in Europe and we are pleased to find that Sweden as a country is also ranked among the top five European filers at the EPO. 

A combination of complex high profile cases and feedback from clients have contributed our ranking:

“Standing tall since 1975, Ström & Gulliksson runs a globally connected prosecution outfit that has become synonymous with quality. It collaborates extensively with the corporations it assists and manages an immense number of portfolios containing thousands of patent families. Its business model has caught the eye of a diverse clientele, including Ericsson, IKEA, Rolls-Royce and Spotify, to name a few. Leading lights Rikard RoosBjörn Andersson and Christian Arkelius garner warm plaudits from the market. “Service-minded and in tune with patrons’ needs, Roos is keen on providing support from ideation through to creation and his clever technical arguments are crucial to a successful outcome in litigation.” His shrewd counsel was sought out in invalidation proceedings on behalf of Sandoz. In the field of electronics, “Andersson is a fantastic and energetic attorney with a business mindset which culminates in superb, spot-on advice”. “Arkelius is remarkably resourceful and detail orientated in his approach to prosecution. In close alliance with each business, he establishes mutual venture goals and procures valuable IP assets that are enforceable on an international scale.” The firm recently welcomed the arrival of Peter Ekwall, a perceptive strategist who now heads up its Gothenburg operations.”

More about IAM Patent 1000 and Sweden as a global hotbed of innovation 

IAM is this year presenting the ninth edition of IAM Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals – a unique guide that identifies the top patent professionals in key jurisdictions around the globe. The IAM Patent 1000 shines a spotlight on the firms and individuals that are deemed outstanding in this pivotal area of practice. The guide has been compiled following an extensive research process. Over five months, IAM conducted in the region of 1,800 interviews with numerous attorneys at law, patent attorneys and in-house counsel to gather market intelligence on the leading players in the field.

Thanks largely to an increase in filing volumes from China, the United States and South Korea, patent applications hit an all-time high at the European Patent Office (EPO) in 2019, with 181,000 filings made.

The World Intellectual Property Organisation has identified Sweden as a global hotbed of innovation. A key driver is digitalisation and practitioners report an ever-increasing amount of work crossing their desks in that space – especially with automotive giants such as Volvo and Scania investing heavily in artificial intelligence (AI). This trend is also evident in the telecommunications sector. Additionally, as businesses become increasingly aware of their IP rights and the value they hold, transactional work is starting to account for a far greater proportion of day-to-day work at both patent attorney firms and law firms.