Peter Ekwall



In today’s digital world it is important that the innovation remains secret and that a proper strategy is in place for commercialization. Risk analysis together with cost-benefit analysis are core in my advice and I strive to give a structured and intelligible orientation encompassing risks and opportunities as basis for decision. We do this together!


European Patent Attorney


Authorized Swedish patent attorney
Head of Gothenburg office


Chemical engineering


Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and Physics, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden


German (Rudimentary)
French (Rudimentary)


Zacco Digital Threat Intelligence-Intelligence within Intellectual property and especially trade secrets- Senior Threat Analyst
Zacco-Intellectual Property- Consultant, Regional director and team manager
Albihns- Intellectual Property- Consultant and team manager
Swedish Police Force-Police Officer


Institute of Professional Representatives (EPI)
Swedish Patent Attorneys Board
Swedish Patent Attorneys Association-Board member


Intellectual Asset Management, IAM, Patent 1000-Recommended Individual 2017, 2018 and 2019
Soccer coach for girls
Commercial cider manufacturer-Glömda Äpplen-Co-founder and owner

Risk analysis is the core of my advice

I help my clients to protect and exploit their innovations. Even if Gothenburg has been my home base for the last 20 years, my advice stretches around the world. The work entails i.a. dialogue with inventors and management and analysis of the invention, position on the market and competition. Processing large quantity of data requires great accuracy, often under time pressure. We handle trade secrets and sometimes government related classified information, so we need to be meticulous on secrecy. Risk analysis together with cost/benefit analysis have always been the core of my advice. For that to be top notch we need to get to know and understand each other, and that is what makes my work so rewarding.

The goal: Complete knowledge of your business

What does it take to get a successful intellectual property strategy?  My understanding of your business model, business strategy and cooperate culture in combination with your understanding of what my advice can give is an iterative and evolving process. This is what gives the best possible starting point. I always strive to give the client structured and intelligible orientation that encompasses both risks and possibilities as basis for decision.

Typical relevant questions are: Should the innovation be kept as a trade secret or be patented? Are your IT-environment and employee processes secure enough to safe guard the trade secret? Are all relevant agreements in place, who owns what? Should you litigate or negotiate a license in case of infringement? Does your innovation comprise one or more patentable features? Should the patent application be combined with a trade mark and domain name strategy before introduction to the market? Together we navigate towards an adequate intellectual property strategy.

Your trade secret in safe hands

My background as police officer and 20 odd years as patent attorney makes me particularly interested in that right should be right. An innovation is not only a trade secret that can be patented. When commercializing, the innovation is typically connected to trade marks, domain names and design. In today’s digital world where information is easily accessed, it is of the utmost importance that the innovation is protected by adequate IT-security in combination with proper agreements. Together with the law firm Gulliksson we can provide services for the entire need related to your innovation. I hope and want you to feel safe that your innovation remains yours so that you can exploit them when and how you desire.

My previous assignments

I am experienced in contentious matters, such as infringement and revocation actions, opposition and appeal proceedings, as well as arbitration. Additionally, I work with drafting and prosecution, freedom-to-operate analysis, filing strategy, etc. I also work with strategical analysis regarding trade secrets and how they are best protected from a company perspective. My work is mainly applied to the following technical fields:

  • Software-computer implemented inventions
  • Telecom
  • Antennas
  • Vehicle technology
  • Space technology
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Thermodynamics
  • Packaging industry
  • Consumer products