Mark Heinrich

Patent Consultant


I put the complex tool patent law in pragmatic words. When advising my clients, I want to make sure they understand a legal issue to the point of its relevance to their business case. I think it is essential to anticipate a client’s perception of a legal issue along with their needs and problems. Based on that, my paramount aim is putting the client in a position to take well-grounded decisions in the legal and business world.

Main title

Patent Consultant

Other titles

Certified German Patentassessor

Technical areas



Diplom-Ingenieur in Mechanical Engineering (Technical University Berlin)



Other qualifications

Has worked as a development engineer, as a patent professional in an industrial patent department and also as a German patent attorney; has gained intercultural work experience in India and Morocco.

Thinking out of the box

Taking responsibility of making a patent law case a successful business case for my client is the most important thing for me. I don’t consider patent law a self-purpose but a tool to contribute to sustainable economic success. To properly handle this tool, thinking holistic, multi-disciplinary, international, dynamic in time and very often out of the box, are essential ingredients. In my previous careers as an industrial development engineer and a German patent attorney, I have adopted the point of view of both these roles. Based on this, I take particular pleasure in guiding my clients to get the right hang of this tool.

The most interesting aspects of my work are direct and constructive discussions with inventors and designers, hands-on drafting and processing patent applications, intellectual property rights infringement, holistic strategy development to exploit patent, design and trademark opportunities, and due diligence, e.g. mergers and acquisition.

What drives me in my work is to increasingly enhance my awareness of economical, legal, financial, environmental and social aspects of the world we live in and the interaction of these factors. I take pleasure in switching my mind-set between that of an attorney, developer or business administrative and solve respective problems together with my clients and colleagues.   

Previous Client Assignments

In my previous career as a German patent attorney, I have worked with clients from a wide range of industries and of all sizes. Apart from drafting, filing and defending industrial property rights, such as patents, trademarks and designs, I have represented clients in court trials and conflict cases outside court, as well as provided them with advice on organisational development.

  • Automotive engineering: lighting systems, drive systems, seats and chassis, hydraulic and electric steering systems, driver assistance systems, battery control and management, charging technology, patent strategy and organisational development
  • Medical engineering: organisational development to establish a patent strategy and according business processes; cell detection and separation devices
  • Household appliances: fluid systems and control schemes, e.g. in washing machines or vacuum cleaners
  • Other industries: robotic systems and handling processes, construction machines, civil engineering, drones
  • Trademarks: filing, prosecution and off-court infringement negotiation
  • Industrial designs: filing and prosecution

Technical areas

Automotive industries
Mechanical systems
Manufacturing and assembly processes

Types of clients

Individual inventors
Small and medium sized companies
Large groups of companies