Lars Hennix



European Patent Attorney


Materials Technology
Manufacturing- and Process Technology




Institute of Professional Representatives (EPI)
Association of IP Professionals in Swedish Industry (SIPF)


Sandvik Intellectual Property AB
Albihns/Zacco AB
The Swedish Patent and Registration Office
Scania CV AB

I have the experience and I am thorough.

The patent system offers several interesting tools that are useful for protecting your business. In addition to using patents to protect new products and methods from being copied, there are several other activities that can be undertaken to strengthen, improve or protect the business. However, the patent system is rather complex and includes many stakeholders, such as customers, authorities and competitors. The decision on how you or your company should act in a specific situation must therefore be taken on the basis of the circumstances in the specific situation. It is also important to make strategic considerations.

I am European Patent Attorney and I have extensive experience of patent related matters, both from private practice and from the patent department of a multinational engineering company. I have also worked as patent examiner at the Swedish patent office. I can therefore provide good advice in any situation that you or your company might be facing.

I find it very interesting to draft patent applications and to prosecute these at patent offices around the world. Other areas of particularly interest to me are litigation work or investigations, such as Freedom-to-operate analysis or assessment of patentability.

An important task in the above types of assignments is to thoroughly investigate and describe the technical subject matter. In all assignment I always put great effort in finding and understanding the underlying technical problem or principles and then drafting a clear and structured description or argumentation. Here, I very much appreciate a dialogue with you so that we can benefit from your technical expertise and so that the technical information is recited as correctly and completely as possible.

Mainly, I work within the engineering- and automotive industry in the technical areas of metallurgy, materials technology, and mechanics. I also work with manufacturing and process technology involving the use of industrial robots.


My previous assignments

  • Drafting of patent applications and prosecution in the European Patent Office (EPO) and the patent offices of US, Japan, China, Korea, Russia and Sweden.
  • Drafting and prosecution of oppositions, including oral proceedings.
  • Technical counsel in patent litigation cases.
  • Freedom-To-Operate analysis
  • Handling of invention disclosures and patentability assessment.
  • Patent portfolio management.
  • Patent strategies and Process for handling of invention disclosures.